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RIBA Residential Survey 2020

The Royal Institute of British Architects have again conducted a survey across residential clients, either home owners or developers who have built a property in the past 2 years, asking them about the key considerations around appointments of architects on their projects.

Their results highlighted the value of the service we as architects provide, in ensuring their project is successful not only in construction but also post construction.

Some key questions answered in the report:

Should I appoint an architect?

Well, naturally, we'd say yes. But why?

Often, clients have a firm idea of what they want, which may not always coincide with what is practical, economical, or even technically realistic. With the appointment of an architect, you bring in that outside eye, that expertise. For those who are venturing into the world of property development for the first time, that knowledge is essential to avoid any costly, or frustrating ill-decisions. But that being said, ideas are those for a reason, they are what you, the client, want. Its our duty to work closely with clients to realise, often exceed their vision. The survey confirmed this, with an impressive 78% of clients saying they "Strongly Agree" that their appointed architect helped them realise their aspirations.

The report also highlighted other areas where the appointment of an architect pays dividend, such as technical output and return on investment, with 68% of commercial clients saying their architect helped them secure a better ROI.

Will they design it for me?

As said above, we help our clients realise their aspirations and make what they want, as close to a reality as possible, with considerations of budget, timescale, etc.

However, interestingly the survey suggested that clients wished their architect offered more creative direction.

This is where the flexibility is needed from us, it is critical an architect is able accommodate and facilitate on one project, yet switch to a more design leading role on another, depending on the clients wishes.

We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to tailor the experience, making sure they get the support and services that their needs demand. Some want us to take the lead and push the design direction, others want us to work with their own vision. We work with you.

If you need any support or advice regarding a project, please get in touch.



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