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Completed in Torquay

We had the great opportunity to visit a project that has been with TFQ for several years now and we are happy to say it is completed and opening its doors to guests/residents.

Queens Quay, on the harbour front of Torquay is a beautiful spot and TFQ, in partnership with MBS builders, of Torquay, lovingly restored the old seafront hotel, respecting its art-deco design and giving it a new lease of life as spacious apartment/holiday lets.

To maximise ROI for our client, we designed and constructed a new floor level out of timber stud, to maximise square meterage and give an increased offering to holiday makers.

We are thrilled with the results and are certain that people are going to love staying there.

Spacious, Bright Bedrooms- beautifully furnished.

Photographs by TFQ Architects, All Rights Reserved.

Bright and bold materials create a chic and modern living space, with art deco patterns throughout.



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