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Approval for Praa Sands

We are delighted to have received Planning Approval for this stunning collection of 18 holiday lodges near Praa Sands, Cornwall.

The lodges are nestled within a site that will be abundant with nature, including many trees, Cornish Hedges, local species of plants and wildflower meadows which surround them. The development will create a real improvement on the diversity of the wildlife by replacing the derelict and overgrown site at present.

The units themselves are sustainably designed in timber, with sedum grass living roofs. This, combined with the units low profiles and landscaped site, will ensure the development discreetly fits into the surroundings. Whilst the units were positioned to maximise both privacy and views across to the countryside.

We are thrilled to have received Approval on this fantastic project for our client and look forward to moving forward with the project.



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