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Autumnal Interiors

Oh yes, its that time of year, and despite the fact that the year is now hurtling its way towards Halloween, its yet its still 17 degrees outside. But, believe it or not, autumn is here and it will not be long before the leaves are turning, the heating will be switched on and its time to level up the cosy.

We see summer designs and trends as being light, bright and open, using lighter shades of colour, whites, and use of cleaner, polished textures. But how can we channel the colder months into our interior spaces?

There are a few ways, so here are our Top 5 ways to cosy-fy your space.

1. Use your small spaces

Small spaces are ideal for the autumnal atmosphere, as they do not rely on the larger, open spaces that summer days really make special. Longer nights and darker days means you can make the most of that room with a small window, or a bit of a strange layout.

Transforming a smaller room into an autumnal/winter snug is the perfect use for the space, so maybe focus on a room you've normally not really considered for work and see what you can achieve.

Going for a 'snug' is a fantastic way to utilise a smaller space and snugs lend themselves to the colder months perfectly.

2. Dark, deep colours.

We feel that you need to really reflect the outdoors, bringing it inside with you. When we think of autumn, we think of colour. The leaves turn through shades of yellows, oranges, reds, through to beautiful shades of brown. Autumn really channels the countryside, so we think bringing that through is such a fantastic way to create an atmosphere and a mood.

Utilising deep colours like 'Duck Green' and 'Brinjal', a stunning deep purple from Farrow and Ball, or perhaps the fantastic orangey yellow 'Middle Bluff' from Little Greene Paint Company, or perhaps an orangey brown inn 'Hanami' by Graham & Brown Paints, or a deeper terracotta such as 'Book Room Red' from Farrow and Ball.

3. Channel the Country Feel

As we are Devon born and bred, we love the country and we're sure like for many people, when we think of the October and November months we think of frosty mornings, autumnal colours and the sound of distance pheasants (and the inevitable pop of the shotguns across the fields...)

Bringing this country rustic feel into the home can create a special space, through the use of pattern and texture in wallpapers and materials such as traditional reclaimed woods and the colours mentioned above.

Utilising wallpapers, for example this image of the Fornasetti Range from Cole & Sons or perhaps the feather pattern from Tektura, these add pattern, order but also something a little bit different to a space.

4. Be Eclectic

Take yourself to a country pub. Stepping inside you will doubtless see a mix of styles, a mix of finishes, a mix of decorations. On one wall you may see a watercolour painting of a traditional Hunt with deep red tunics and white horses running between gold trees, whilst on another you may see an taxidermy badger wearing spectacles, for instance.

This eclectic mix of decoration is a fantastic way to add charm and real character to a space. Utilising decoration is a challenge, as you have to create your own style. However creating a space like this is a touch more forgiving, as you can really have things a bit more of a mish-mash in a darker, cosier space compared to a sleek summery space.

5. Mix your textures.

Texture can be used to add variation to your space. It adds movement and creates a nice different between finishes. For instance, a solid paint wall has relatively little texture, contrast this with a beautiful, reclaimed oak floor which is filled with knots, scuffs and scratches.

Texture creates backgrounds and foregrounds and often utilising a flatter texture at the backdrop with a stronger one in front.

Texture can be utilised in various ways, through fabric in upholstery and curtains, or through carpeting and rugs, but also through materials, with as we previously mentioned, timbers on the floor. Pops of texture can be achieved by using natural materials in decoration and storage, like wickers, feathers or furs.


So, that's five ways to make a space more autumnal and more ready for the winter seasons. Its not an all-encompassing list, there are tonnes of ways to transform your space.

We love offering interior ideas for our clients and we can propose full specifications to create really characterful spaces down the the smallest details. We start our process with an initial consultation, figuring out what type of style you want to achieve really learn about the specifics of the project.

If you'd like some advice on your project, some guidance on transforming your space, from extensions to full new homes, we'd love to hear from you.


The products and brands referenced are ones we really like but we have no affiliation with any suppliers or manufactures.



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