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Stones Farm



Private Developer


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North Newton, Somerset

Stones Farm is a property development near to Taunton. The design is tasteful and respectful to the area's surroundings and the end result was a fantastic set of family homes, whilst ensuring the space was utilised to its full potential to ensure a solid investment for the developer.

We designed in-keeping properties in a mixture of solid thru-colour renders and brick finishes, utilising timber materials and traditional arched forms to garages and fenestration to ensure the development remained charming and in keeping with the sleepy country village.

Playful pastel colours on renders to numerous properties give a fun and inviting appearance and help draw a balance between making the development stand out as a new place to live, whilst also remaining in-keeping, subtle and appropriate.

In the years the properties have been occupied, feedback has been fantastic and residents are enjoying their lives at Stones Farm.

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