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Coombeshead Academy Phase 2



Coombeshead Academy


Project Type:

New Build


Newton Abbot, Devon

The second phase of Coombeshead Academys 3-year construction works involved complete construction of the Maths and Science facilities. Working closely with Devon Contractors and the academy itself, the phasing of works created a smooth build and resulted in a fantastic expansion of the facilities for the school.

The total accommodation amounts to 1,685sq.m (1,810sq.ft) including the circulation areas.

The layout of the new building was determined by the site topography and the requirements of the Academy’s design brief to link the new building to all the adjacent buildings. This was a complex element of the design as the required area of accommodation was the maximum available the site could accommodate, yet still needed to provide the corridor links to several buildings, internally, exeternally and on different levels.

The new building, has been built with a steel frame and clad externally with modular panels or glazing in order to meet the

extremely tight construction programme, dictated by the grant funding arrangements.

TFQ also provided project management services for the entire project, ensuring things ran smoothly and ensuring contract administration and CRM services.

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