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Natural Pool Area





Project Type:

New Build


Exeter, Devon

TFQ designed a striking external design for this property in the heart of Exeter.

We utilised a bold contrast between organic materials and textures, such as rippling water, stones and planting, with stark and manmade forms in a linear and angular design.

This contrast between material and form creates an exciting surrounding and the end result was a stunning space to unwind, cool off and escape the city.

The water itself is freshwater, without chlorine, utilising a gentle current over the infinity pool edge to keep the water clean and pure.

The pool is separated by a monolith slab which forms a Bridgeway between the pool area and a small lily-pond, made possible by the freshwater nature of the pool.

The surrounding area is adorned with modest furnishings including sun loungers and a dining area.

The privacy of the property is maintained with shrubbery around the site, with carefully selected plantings to in keep with surroundings and ensure the site remains private, with a real sense of privacy and seclusion.

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