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Project Type:

Demolition/New Build


Exton, Devon

TFQ worked closely with our client and the whole design team to transform this site in Exton, into a fantastic new home with in our opinion, the best view of the Exe.

Situated on the banks of the River, this site originally situated a dated bungalow. However, our transformative designs now see the site the home of a stunning contemporary property. 

With a gorgeous dark grey standing seam zinc roof and various cladding materials, this building really makes the most of its location. The first floor balcony area is set forward from floor to ceiling glazing to cascade light into the main areas of the house. 

The backdrop of the estuary itself acts like a feature painting, with views so good you have to stop and take it in. 

The site posed great challenges in both design and construction, with close coordination with Network Rail required, due to the sites proximity to the Exmouth line, with many phases of works being restricted to night time only, to avoid risk with cranes conflicting with the rail services.

The project is moving closer and closer to completion, we cannot wait to share more.

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