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Diving into Natural Pools

Whenever we post a photo from one of our projects, like Matford Lane, and its stunning outdoor pool, we get asked; how does it stay clean? Why does it not look like a normal pool?

That is because it is what is known as a Natural Pool.

Natural pools are exactly what the name suggests, a natural body of water, kept clean through more natural and biological methods, opposed to chemical chlorine based cleaning.

The trend for natural pools started several decades ago and has been big business in the United States, however the benefits are being realised at many properties in the UK too. The primary reasons people are interested in Natural Pools is their environmental impact. The water is clear, pure and does not contain any chemicals, resulting in a more enjoyable, authentic water experience. No chlorine smell on your skin, no stinging eyes, no allergic reactions. They are also visibly pleasing, with a more 'wild' feel.

Natural Pool at Matford Lane, Exeter.

Natural Pools feature what is called a regeneration zone which is separate to the swimming area. It is an area for the water to move into to be cleaned naturally with plants that naturally filter and oxygenate water. This means that there is considerably less need for maintenance, no pouring powdered chlorine in and checking PH levels and so on.

'Regeneration Zone' containing filtering Lily Pads.

There are some disadvantages to using Natural Pools however.

They do differ in colour from a normal pool. Without that bright blue appearance, some users may be put off and feel that the water is 'dirty' - however this is not the case, its simply natural water! They also use considerably more space due to the need for the regeneration zone. So you get less useable pool area, and the setup costs are higher than for a traditional pool.

So we have a pool that is more expensive to build, but cheaper and easier to maintain. It is more flexible in design and better for the environment plus it means we can dip our head under without our eyes stinging.

There are a lot of clear reasons to specify a natural pool in your property and we would always recommend discussing your options with a contractor who specialises in this type of pool before jumping in at the deep end ... (sorry).

If you would like to discuss a pool for your property and would like some design advice or any support at all, please feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.



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