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ARCHIVES: Broomford Manor

Sometimes the office needs a good clear-out, and when you do have one you stumble across some fantastic bits of your companies past that really get you excited.

This happened this week. Whilst clearing out a drawing cabinet, Jason stumbled across these hand drawings done by our very own Kevin Flowers, for a conservation/extension project here in Devon. Broomford Manor is a stunning Grade II* manor house in Jacobstowe.

These hand drawn technical drawings and perspective views hark back to the good old days of paper and pen. No autoCAD, no digital, no nonesense.

You can see the drawings below:

This is one of the more visual drawings, an axonometric, looking down over the proposed extension, which is tastefully designed to be inkeeping with the existing building, featuring traditional orangery and sun room.

With pencil shading and impressive details, the penwork is a bit of a lost art these days, especially when it comes to precise drawings. We tend to see architects offering more liberal, freehand sketching now, to portray rough ideas, opposed to more technical and factual drawing.

Finally, the scaled plans bring everything together and show the more fundamental information. Whilst hand drawn sketches still have their uses, the days of rows and rows of technicians leaning over their drawing tables with pencil, pen and scale rule in hand are long gone.

Now, the question is; has the move to digital drawing in architecture been good, or bad?



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